Injecting Reason Into Covid-19

We offer a calm and analytically-driven voice to the Covid-19 debate. Our intent is to illuminate facts and provide a safe space to share questions and concerns without bias and rancor. Injecting Reason into Covid-19.

Beholden to Data

We welcome the skeptical. We encourage the use of intellect and data to illuminate viewpoints and provide a check on the influence of coercion and influencer-driven opinions. Our skeptics are unapologetic in our refusal to blindly subscribe to left or right-leaning political biases. Instead, we let analysis and reason be our guide.    

Covid-19 has reshaped our world. We all recall those tense early days when basic goods were in short supply and no one knew just how deadly of a blow this virus could deliver to our way of life.

With time comes the benefit of understanding. Now that the dust has settled, it behooves us to apply reason and knowledge to inform the path forward. Welcome to

Read More original contributors rely on primary sources such as clinical trial data, firsthand reports, and official filings for the latest information on the pandemic. We do not engage in social media nor do we use news outlets for our information or opinions.    


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